Work Study Opportunities @ the Library

Do you qualify for work study? Not sure? Be sure to check with payroll to see if you do, because if so we’re looking for good candidates to help us in both libraries for the upcoming 2014-2015 academic year!

For information on openings at the Regina library, contact Pam Richardson at

For information about openings at the Educational Resource Center, contact Shana Chartier at until August 25th. After that you can contact Shawna Smith with inquiries into available time slots.

To get an idea of what a work study job with the library might entail, here is a job description for the ERC:

Educational Resource Center Library

Shana Chartier, ERC Librarian,

Position Title:
Educational Resource Center (ERC) Student Employment;

Job Description:
The ERC is looking for student assistants to perform a variety of daily tasks including: assisting library patrons at the main desk with circulation functions such as checking items in and out, retrieving course reserve materials, answering and transferring phone calls, etc. Students will complete a variety of organizational tasks each hour, such as arranging returned items by call number, refilling printer paper, straightening up chairs, tidying up project areas, etc. Additionally, students may be asked to help with special projects as needed.

Qualifications/Skills Needed:
Qualifications include: exceptional customer service attitude, excellent communication skills, attention to detail, reliability and punctuality, ability to follow directions.

Application Instructions/Deadline:
Please send resume and application to for consideration.

Number of Students Needed: 2-3

Number of Hours per Week per Student: 9 maximum

Current openings:
Mondays 9-10AM, 12-1PM, 2-6PM, 8-9PM
Tuesdays 10AM-1PM, 2-3PM
Wednesdays 9-10AM, 2-3PM
Thursdays 10AM-1PM, 6-8PM
Fridays 9-10AM, 12-1PM
Saturdays 10AM-3PM


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