ERC Upgrade!

Have you ever been to the Educational Resource Center? It’s tucked away on the second floor of the Benoit Education building…and there have been some great changes taking place!

For example, we now offer:

  • A revamped craft wall! Looking for yarn? How about string, tissue paper, odds n’ ends, ribbon, construction paper…the list goes on and on–and it’s all for you, Raiders! Come visit us to utilize this excellent resource for all your project needs.
  • Big Books now on display in the Juvenile section! Whether you’re an Ed student looking for something to read to a young classroom or a parent or aunt or uncle looking for something fun to do with little ones in your life–check these bad boys out!
  • Large Kit Binder–did you know we have large kits that can be used in the classroom by students and alumni alike? Come flip though our new catalog and ask a librarian to help bring something down for you–they’re fantastic ways to bring life to any instructional!

It is always our primary goal to bring you the best possible services available, and we hope these new additions will be no exception! Come join us at the ERC today and have a ball!


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