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Go Mobile With the Library!

Do you ever find yourself in the stacks without the call number you just looked up at a computer far, far away? Never fear! The library offers you a mobile website that you can access straight from your phone. The next time you need to search for something but don’t want to travel outside the stacks, just head over to the Rivier homepage and tap the library link in the top right hand corner. From there you’ll be able to access all the same services that you could on a computer, just in a more phone friendly format.

Whether you’re in the stacks or out and about with plans to check out a book, you can access the library from anywhere, anytime. Isn’t the 21st century the greatest? 😀


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New Fiction at the Regina Library

Did you know that we regularly purchase popular fiction for our collection? No? Need something good to read that doesn’t look like a textbook over this upcoming break?

Then meet us at the library, and take a browse through our collection. We have a regular display of current fiction that gets updated as new stuff comes in, but even if you come and you don’t see something on display that suits your fancy, you can always go into the stacks and see what treasures we have there! You can find the rest of our fiction items on the third floor of the library stacks, or you can browse for any books you’d like in our library catalog.

We at the library pride ourselves on providing you excellent resources for your educational needs–but that doesn’t mean we can’t also provide you a little relief as finals close in on us as well! Come and see our fiction collection, and perhaps you’ll find a couple new books to dive into this holiday season. 🙂

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Are YOU Celebrating NaNoWriMo?

What the heck is a NaNoWriMo, you might ask? Well, we at the library have an answer for you!

November is officially National Novel Writing Month, or what is affectionately known to its participants as NaNoWriMo. It is a non profit whose purpose is to inspire anyone who has a novel living inside them to just ignore their inner editor and let the words flow out–the goal being to reach 50,000 words by November 30th at midnight. Although the month is halfway through, you can join at any time…who knows? Perhaps your novel is ready to come out in just ten days–you’ll never know unless you try!

If you’re looking for help on how to get inspired or on how to get your writing technique where you’d like it, stop in and check out our NaNoWriMo display here at the Regina Library. We’re always happy to help you on your journey to novelizing bliss! Check out the site, here!



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What Literary Character Are You?

Here at the library, we sometimes like to get lost in the world of fiction. Fortunately for us, millions of other people feel the exact same way! So, when we came across this short quiz to see what literary characters we would be, we just couldn’t resist discovering our fictional counterparts.

What literary character are you? Click here to access the quiz, and let us know who you are in the fictional universe. Wondering just who your Regina Library Staff would be? Of course you are! Check out who you’re actually talking to, and remember: you can check out or interlibrary loan any book that contains your inner fictional character. 🙂

(Some!) Regina Library Staff Members As Fictional Characters

Alan Witt, Reference Librarian — Sherlock Holmes

Shawna Smith, Assistant Director of User Services — Juliet Capulet, from Romeo and Juliet

Amy Debrower, Assistant Director of Technical Services — Hermione Granger, from the Harry Potter series

Lee Ann Hooley, Electronic Information Librarian — Hermione Granger, from the Harry Potter series

Amanda Cabot, Acquisitions Librarian — Juliet Capulet, from Romeo and Juliet

Shana Friedman, ERC Librarian — Lucy Pevencie, from the Chronicles of Narnia

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