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It’s a Boy!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or your internet went out for the past two days), you know by now that England has a new future monarch! With so much excitement revolving around the island of Britain, I thought it might be fun to take a look into what royal life is like. Just imagine the world the little prince has just been born into…and if you can’t imagine it, experience it in these books and dvd’s we happen to have right here at the Regina Library!

Royal style : an intimate look inside the palaces and country houses of Britain’s royal family

Elizabeth the Queen : the life of a modern monarch

The chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian

The princess and the pea

Princess tales


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I’ve been meaning to read that…

Do you ever find yourself in conversation with someone when this statement comes up? Luckily we live in a world where many of the books that are trendy are also fantastic reads! We also live in a world where pretty much every popular book out there gets made into a movie, prompting you to wonder if you should read the book to compare. We here at the library might be a little biased, but I would have to say the answer is YES! Being a lover of books and the movies that follow them, I can tell you that we have a great selection here at Regina.

Sitting at the reference desk, I can see our current display, which is currently showcasing some gems! Have you read the Help? What about the Princess Bride? Did you know that Neil Gaiman has a new book out, too? I love to compare just how different books and movies are from each other! So, come take a break from this crazy heat wave and step into the nicely air conditioned library for some entertainment! I think you’ll be glad you did. 🙂

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Love Mr. Darcy?

If you’ve ever read Pride and Prejudice or loved the movies or both, you might have to save up for a trip to England, where you can now swim with the giant replica of him rising from a lake in Hyde Park. Don’t believe me? Check out this article!

Dashing Mr. Darcy rises from lake in wet T-shirt glory

by Eun Kyung Kim
A giant statue of Jane Austen's iconic romantic hero, Mr. Darcy, emerges from The Serpentine in London's Hyde Park to celebrate the launch of brand new TV channel Drama.

A giant statue of Jane Austen’s iconic romantic hero, Mr. Darcy, emerges from The Serpentine in London’s Hyde Park to celebrate the launch of brand new TV channel Drama.

It’s arguably TV’s most memorable wet T-shirt scene for literature lovers, and now, it’s been immortalized in all its dreamy damp glory in a London lake.

A 12-foot statue of Mr. Darcy, one of Jane Austen’s best-known romantic heroes, was unveiled Monday in Hyde Park’s Serpentine lake.

The fiberglass sculpture shows Darcy emerging from the water, his white long-sleeved shirt drenched. The image pays homage to a pivotal scene from a 1995 television adaptation of Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” that featured Colin Firth as the dashing Darcy.

The figure – which stands as tall as a double-decker bus – took a team of three sculptors more than two months to construct, said Adrian Wills, general manager of UKTV’s new channel, Drama, which commissioned the sculpture to mark its launch.

The channel surveyed 2,000 television viewers on the most memorable dramatic scene in a British drama, and “the most iconic moment was Mr. Darcy’s emergence from the lake and his meeting with Ms. Bennett,” Wills said in press materials released about the project.

Artists Toby Crowther and Andy Billetto help construct the 12-foot statue of Pride and Prejudice's dashing hero, Mr. Darcy.

Artists Toby Crowther and Andy Billetto help construct the 12-foot statue of Pride and Prejudice’s dashing hero, Mr. Darcy.

That confrontational scene helped turn Firth into a star, who now counts among his famous fans Helen Fielding, the author who based one of her key “Bridget Jones” characters on Mr. Darcy. Firth later played that role in the film versions of Fielding’s books.

Lead sculptor Toby Crowther said that while Firth was used as “a starting point for creating Mr. Darcy,” artists also read the Austen book and looked at other portrayals of the character, including Laurence Olivier’s performance.

A passerby takes a look at the 12-foot Mr. Darcy.

David Parry / PA Wire
A passerby takes a look at the 12-foot Mr. Darcy.

“The challenge for us was capturing the spirit of Darcy as handsome and noble but also aloof and proud,” he said.

The massive installation has amused the swimmers and boat peddlers who use Serpentine lake, Wills said. Runners have even been seen diverting their regular path to take a closer look.

“Even the swans have been a bit curious,” he said.

The Mr. Darcy statue will only remain in Hyde Park for a week. It then heads to Scarborough beach for several days before finally resting at Lyme Park until February 2014.

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Audio Books

Do you listen to audio books?

I have found through many road trips in my life that they are a wonderful way to read a story–not to mention killing two birds with one stone! How many books have you wished you had time to read, but always get bogged down? Perhaps trying an audiobook as a break from the pop music reel might be just the thing!

Imagine getting through an entire series by the end of the summer, without ever having to turn a page! Personally, anything read by Jim Dale is a favorite of mine (he has done the audio books for the Harry Potter series as well as Erin Morgenstern’s fantastic novel, The Night Circus), but there are many others as well!

So what are you waiting for? Check out your local library collection, and see if audio books are for you!

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