The Origins of Spring Break

Have you ever wondered just why everyone gets a blissful week of vacation at the tail end of winter? As it would turn out, Spring Break is a tradition that dates back thousands of years–back to the Greek and Roman eras!

Back in the day, to chase away the blues of winter and welcome a warm and bountiful spring, the ancients chose to celebrate the god of wine, Dionysus (Greek) and Bacchus (Roman). Revelry was had as a way to encourage the coming buds to grow aplenty.

However, this tradition didn’t actually become grounded in the United Stated until Colgate University’s Sam Ingram decided to bring his swim team to Florida in 1936 to keep them in shape through the winter months. Once word got out that Florida was a great place for college folks, well…the rest is history!

So whether you’re making your way south for warmer waters or bundling up to fight off our never-ending New Hampshire snow storms, why not grab a book from the library before you go? We have a fantastic collection of enjoyable fiction just waiting to be checked out!

The information provided was obtained through this Time Magazine article.


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  1. Shawna

    I had no idea! How interesting..

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