Woman Power!

As our society progresses with each passing day, it’s astounding to think how far women have come. I was recently reading the YA series Boston Jane by Jennifer Holm (highly recommended!), a story about a young woman who finds herself stranded on the far reaches of the American frontier in the mid 1800’s. In the book, her town eventually starts holding elections for office–and Boston Jane is very candid about how she is unable to vote for her favorite candidate. Consequently she was also unable to own land. Imagine that!

These concepts now seem so unreal to today’s woman, especially in New Hampshire, where our legislative representation is entirely female! Still, as more and more women take on positions of leadership, bias and discrimination are not obstacles that have been completely removed. Many trailblazers have fought long and hard to achieve success in what was once known as a man’s world. So, as you complete your degree and prepare to take on a leadership role, take heart in the words of those who have already been there and lived to tell the tale! Check out one or all of the following to learn just what it takes to be a strong female leader in today’s marketplace–and keep up the good work, ladies!

I’d rather be in charge : a legendary business leader’s roadmap for
achieving pride, power and joy at work


The iron lady

Women in power : world leaders since 1960


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