The Good Braider

Starting at the end of next month, the Regina Library, along with the
Office of Multicultural Affairs, Campus Ministry, and The Office of Global
Engagement, will be sponsoring a Refugee Engagement series. The series will include book groups, films, and a writer’s workshop by Terry Farish, the writer of the Good Braider and a former Rivier professor. There will also be a reflecitve event, where anyone can present their take on the refugee experience through art, music, poety, or whatever moves you the most. It will certainly be worth attending one or all that will be going on, so stay tuned!

On that note, I would definitely recommend The Good Braider to anyone looking for a quick read that is a sincere eye opener to the plight of the Displaced Person. Since it is written in verse, the book slides by quickly, and I found that I was done in two and a half hours after starting! If you’ve ever wondered what the process of coming to America as a refugee is like, this is certainly the book for you–Farish describes the dangers of living in a war torn country, the beacon of hope America presents, and the struggle of being an outsider in a land you thought would be salvation.

Keep a lookout for events coming up soon, and open your eyes to a different perspective! Remember, knowledge is power, but it is also compassion. Join the discussion during Refugee Engagement Month, coming to you soon!

The Good Braider, by Terry Farish


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