Book vs Movie

“The book is always better than the movie…”

How many times do you hear that said? It’s true, that most often the book comes first, generating the creative genius that then inspires the imagination of the film industry and gives us something to look at during the summer or holiday season. Still, I have often found that I enjoy both equally, in different ways. It is always interesting to see how one group of people imagine a world that you have come to know in your own mind, and while many people find that the movie ruins what they had built in their imagination, I just like to compare. Consider most of the epic series that have been made into film-a la Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Both of these series provided vibrant visuals and exciting entertainment–but with such a short medium were forced to remove chunks of the book that people loved. Is that too heavy a price? Can movies be seen for what they are–which is to say a representation of the book itself?

This might be an age old question, as books and movies both have a fond place in the hearts of many. Still, I know whenever a new movie adaptation comes out, I’ll certainly be there! Have you checked out a DVD from the library recently? Dare to compare!



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2 responses to “Book vs Movie

  1. Shawna

    I hate when I read a book and then watch a film and they have completely altered a scene. I understand film is a different medium and you can write something down much easier than creating it for a film, but before they make a film they should make sure they can figure out a way to recreate every scene from the book, at least those that serve a purpose.

  2. Alan

    I tend to think that the original work is always best; I’ve seen some books that are movies translated onto the printed page, and they are usually inferior to their predecessor. With that said, a good filmmaker will transform the work enough to fit the spirit of the original work; a good example is the extras that were put into the Hobbit…

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