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The Art of Jafar Shoja On Display Now!

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January 30, 2013 · 7:16 pm

The Good Braider

Starting at the end of next month, the Regina Library, along with the
Office of Multicultural Affairs, Campus Ministry, and The Office of Global
Engagement, will be sponsoring a Refugee Engagement series. The series will include book groups, films, and a writer’s workshop by Terry Farish, the writer of the Good Braider and a former Rivier professor. There will also be a reflecitve event, where anyone can present their take on the refugee experience through art, music, poety, or whatever moves you the most. It will certainly be worth attending one or all that will be going on, so stay tuned!

On that note, I would definitely recommend The Good Braider to anyone looking for a quick read that is a sincere eye opener to the plight of the Displaced Person. Since it is written in verse, the book slides by quickly, and I found that I was done in two and a half hours after starting! If you’ve ever wondered what the process of coming to America as a refugee is like, this is certainly the book for you–Farish describes the dangers of living in a war torn country, the beacon of hope America presents, and the struggle of being an outsider in a land you thought would be salvation.

Keep a lookout for events coming up soon, and open your eyes to a different perspective! Remember, knowledge is power, but it is also compassion. Join the discussion during Refugee Engagement Month, coming to you soon!

The Good Braider, by Terry Farish

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Want to learn more about the refugee experience? Join the dialogue!

Want to learn more about the refugee experience? Join the dialogue!

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January 23, 2013 · 5:35 pm

What is Young Adult?

As we continue to live in an age of the YA, or Young Adult, genre, the question begs an answer: Are YA books really meant for a teenage audience? Depending on your age, you might have a different interpretation of what Young Adult even means. For instance, a 70 year old might consider 40 to be young adult, and a 20 year old might consider an 11 year old a young adult (assuming that the 11 year old in question is quite mature for his or her age).

Are books like the Hunger Games meant for teenagers, or does it win the YA title simply because the characters fall into a teenage category? The genre of YA is relatively new to book shelves, and you might find a great section in your public library meant only for teens. Still, I find that I know less teenagers that read the books than adults. There could be several reasons for this. Many of the issues faced by YA characters are issues still faced by adults–and the concept of watching a character overcome these obstacles is rewarding to the reader. Also, it could be that the formative teenage years follow many of us into adulthood, and reconnecting to that time can either validate one’s emotions or transport you to a more carefree time. Maybe I just don’t know many teenagers.

So should there be a differentiation between YA and regular fiction? Maybe, maybe not. All I know is, it makes the books everyone loves a lot easier to find when they get their own place in the library–and it gives teenagers a place to call their own in a world they are still trying to define. Speaking of a great YA read, have you read The Thief Lord, by Cornelia Funke? Check it out at the ERC today!

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Book vs Movie

“The book is always better than the movie…”

How many times do you hear that said? It’s true, that most often the book comes first, generating the creative genius that then inspires the imagination of the film industry and gives us something to look at during the summer or holiday season. Still, I have often found that I enjoy both equally, in different ways. It is always interesting to see how one group of people imagine a world that you have come to know in your own mind, and while many people find that the movie ruins what they had built in their imagination, I just like to compare. Consider most of the epic series that have been made into film-a la Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Both of these series provided vibrant visuals and exciting entertainment–but with such a short medium were forced to remove chunks of the book that people loved. Is that too heavy a price? Can movies be seen for what they are–which is to say a representation of the book itself?

This might be an age old question, as books and movies both have a fond place in the hearts of many. Still, I know whenever a new movie adaptation comes out, I’ll certainly be there! Have you checked out a DVD from the library recently? Dare to compare!


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Nothing Beats a Good Book

I have found over the years that reading is probably one of the most relaxing things a person can do–well, sometimes! We don’t need to get into late night cramming sessions for an exam the next day, because I’m sure NO ONE reading this would do such a thing. 😉 

The point is, reading for pleasure, I believe, is a valuable way to spend one’s time. There is so much great television out right now–every time I meet someone new, they have a fantastic show I simply HAVE to watch! But oftentimes I’ve found that my brain can go into overload from screen time–and that’s when finding a cozy corner with an old favorite can be the best way to unwind in a plugged in, hectic world. 

So, do you have a favorite? I know I could read Pride and Prejudice over and over again and never get tired of imagining the story in a new way every time. Or, if you like Young Adult fiction, I suggest diving into the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. He never fails to keep the adventure alive! What about Game of Thrones? That’s right, it was a book series before it made it’s way to television! Is there even a comparison between the two? 

Whether you can lose yourself in the classics of the past or a Clive Cussler thriller, keep taking the time to quiet your mind and activate your imagination. It’s one of the best tools in keeping your stress levels at bay–and let’s face it, who doesn’t want that?

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Welcome to the Regina Library Blog!

Welcome to the Regina Library Blog!

Whether inside or outside, Regina is the place to be!

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January 15, 2013 · 5:41 pm